Selected Works


This year, I have written an article for the Integrity Institute blog on middleware and co-written a chapter of the Trust and Safety Professional Assocation curriculum on the use of automation and artificial intelligence for trust and safety policy enforcement. I will also be giving a lightning talk on one of my Twitter projects at TrustCon 2022.

I had the pleasure of writing an article on the accessibility of Zero Trust for the New Public_ online magazine.

I contributed a piece to the Tech Policy Press on the detection toolset for child sexual abuse material as it relates to data privacy, as well as one on the need for a federal breach notification law.

I have spoken on panels at #NSGSCon, Art into Science: A Conference for Defense, and other security-related conferences.

In late 2020, I collaborated with Samuel Woolley of the Center for Media Engagement at the University of Texas on a report on online hate speech in the months preceding the 2020 U.S. election. This work was supported by the Anti-Defamation League.

I contributed a blog post for the Digital Initiative at Harvard Business School on the monetization of online disinformation.

Global Disinformation Index

As part of my work at GDI, I am responsible for our ad revenue estimation capabilities from end-to-end. A recent report on COVID-19 disinformation was featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg, and other outlets.

Our report on the monetization of disinformation in violation of the European Union Code of Conduct, was covered as an exclusive by the Financial Times, and later referenced by Politico and VICE Magazine. You can find the full report on our website.


I wrote the survey questions, performed data analysis, and wrote Duo’s 2019 State of the Auth, a census-representative survey designed to measure adoption and usage of multi-factor authentication. The report was covered in Dark Reading. I also owned all data analysis and supported content creation for Duo’s 2019 Trusted Access Report. That report was picked up by ZDNet, CSO, Dark Reading, Security Week, and Infosecurity Magazine, among many others (hats off to the PR team). We focused on pillars of the zero-trust security framework.